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Disc Sander Mode - Setup & Features

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Figure 17-1. The acessories that are used for disc sanding operations are the: (A) sanding disc and sandpaper, (B) worktable, (C) miter gauge, (D) rip fence,and (E) extension table. The Model 510 is shown.

Use the accessories shown in Figure 17-1 for disc sanding operations. To set up your Mark V in the disc sander mode, follow the instructions in the Owners Manual that came with your machine.

As you work in the disc sanding mode, you'll find that the Mark V is an extremely capable disc sander with several special features:

  • The 12" disc has a sanding surface of 113.04 sq. in.
  • The rip fence functions as a backstop when sanding long or wide stock.
  • Without a backstop, you can sand as big a workpiece as you can safely handle.
  • The miter gauge can be used to hold stock at the proper angle to the disc.
  • The table tilts from "0" to 45° right and the miter gauge can be adjusted from 30° left to 30° right to sand at a variety of angles.
  • The rip fence can be offset to sand boards to a specific width.
  • The quill feed and feed stop can be used to sand boards precisely to a specific dimension.
  • You can sand without the rip fence or a miter gauge. This is particularly useful when sanding convex curves.
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    Figure 17-2. Mount a seond disc on the upper auxiliary spindle and you'll have two different abrasives available. The extension table supports the stock.
    A very practical setup is shown in Figure 17-2. By mounting a second disc on the upper auxiliary spindle, you can have two different abrasive grits available at the same time.
  • The Model 510 lower saw guard accommodates the sanding disc. Connect the hose from your dust collection system to the dust chute in the guard for virtually dust-free sanding. For dust collection on the Model 500, a special disc sander dust chute is available.

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