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Pattern Disc Sanding

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Figure 17-30. The pattern sanding procedure shown here is useful when many identical pieces are needed.

Pattern disc sanding is useful for sanding duplicate pieces, especially if they have an odd shape. The procedure is shown in Figure 17-30.

The guide, preferably metal, is attached to the edge of an auxiliary platform which is clamped to the worktable so the guide will be about 1/8" from the disc.

The workpiece, attached to the pattern, projects over the guide to contact the disc. Therefore, the distance from the guide to the disc and the thickness of the guide must be considered when shaping the pattern. The pattern must be smaller than the actual workpiece.

The workpiece is attached to the pattern by tack-nailing or using nail points projecting from the pattern. When you rough-cut the workpieces, try to leave the least amount of material for the disc sander to remove.

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